Shock to congress, 61 officials and workers join BJP…

Lok Sabha elections are coming closer and bjp and congress are attacking each other with words. Meanwhile, it is also being seen that congress party officials and workers are continuously joining the Bharatiya Janata Party. Today Bharatiya Janata Party's state co-in-charge Vijaya Rahatkar reached Udaipur. He spoke to the media regarding the BJP's resolution letter. The special thing is that in udaipur, 61 officials and workers associated with congress for years took membership in the Bharatiya Janata Party. Got the membership removed. After the bjp was formed, everyone discussed making the bjp candidate win in the elections. Rahatkar, while talking about the resolution paper, targeted Congress.

From Sarpanch to Student Union President participated

Although there were no big leaders among those who took membership in the bjp, there were Sarpanch, student union, CA, former government officials, doctors, and other officials, and workers associated with congress affairs. After getting the membership, Rahatkar addressed everyone and called for the bjp candidate to win with maximum votes. If we look at the results of assembly elections in the udaipur Lok Sabha seat, it is quite strong. In such a situation, now leaders from congress are joining bjp one after the other, and the trouble for congress is increasing.

Congress is desperate, confusing people

Vijaya Rahatkar, while speaking on the resolution letter, said that after understanding the aspirations of the people, lakhs of people went to them and explained to them and got it prepared. We worked for 10 years and have a vision of 25 years ahead. Covered all dimensions of life. Regarding the Indi alliance, she said that it is confusing people. It is said that if we win, we will change the Constitution, whereas we have said many times that the Constitution will never end. He is desperate. When he had power, he did nothing for the people of his country. His policy is crooked.

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