Congress mla Irfan Ansari cornered his party…

In jharkhand, a mutual tussle has started appearing regarding seat distribution for the lok sabha elections. In this series, jharkhand congress mla Irfan Ansari has raised questions regarding ticket distribution by posting on his social media account X. He wrote in the X-Post that despite having 18% population, not giving one seat to a Muslim in jharkhand would be a big mistake and a suicidal step for the party. There is huge anger in the society due to this decision of the party. Such a large population should not be ignored.

Irfan Ansari further wrote, "Some leaders have spread the illusion that if a Muslim is given a ticket then the votes will be polarized, so what is the guarantee that whoever else is being given a ticket will win? 2-3-4 percent of people. If the ticket is being given to 18 percent, then the party should consider this only, otherwise, it will have a deep impact on the lok sabha as well as the Assembly. The congress mla said, "Congress should not take the votes of Muslims lightly. The result of the congress party ignoring the minority community is that in other states, the votes of the minority community are moving towards regional parties. Feeling cheated. The party should reconsider this and work to give their rightful rights to such a large population."

‘The high command was misled’

MLA Irfan Ansari, while urging congress General Secretary and jharkhand in-charge Ghulam ahmed Mir, wrote, "The party should reconsider the lok sabha ticket. There should be a policy of give and take. We will give, he will not give. Who said this? This kind of thing." The high command was misled by talks. Such a decision cannot be taken in the presence of a great and strong state president of the country, then think again."

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