- people of ap won't believe Babu with too many promises..!
- Babu doesn't see positivity in women either..!
-Lots of Satires on social media

At the time of the crucial elections, tdp chief Chandrababu is bursting into flames. While giving the slogan of development on one side, they are saying that they will create a welfare empire on the other side. This is common in politics. Especially during elections, such assurances are common for any party. But.. the question here is.. do people believe ir or not? No matter how many assurances are given.. if people do not believe.. the tide will fall!.

Chandrababu does not seem to have paid much attention to this matter. They are announcing schemes one by one. However.. it is noteworthy that while there should be a positive discussion on this, a negative propaganda is going on. Where ordinary people gather... naturally, there is a discussion going on about the schemes that Chandrababu says he will implement after coming to power. This discussion is especially common among women. But, Chandrababu is not hearing a positive talk.

Because, until last year.. because of the huge free schemes like Amma Odi, Cheyuta given by Jagan, CBN said, the state is ready to become another sri lanka or Ethiopia. Now Babu says that they will increase the same schemes and implement them when they come. However.. here questions are coming on the trustworthiness of Chandrababu because.. the present cm Jagan is giving money only to one of the family members.

But, Chandrababu says that he will give to as many people as there are in the house. people don't believe it. Chandrababu announced that rtc will provide free travel. Even this has backfired due to auto and taxi workers and they question CBN. Also, the youth do not trust Chandrababu in the issue of unemployment benefits. Also, if the women in the house turn 18, they are told that they will be given Rs.1500 per month which is also not feasible.

Further, Babu said that the social pensions will be increased to Rs.4 thousand and the disabled pension will be increased to Rs.6 thousand. Moreover, they say that these will be implemented from april and will be given in June. But, these are not possible according to the local people. Moreover, the talk of Jagan's campaign that he will give a kilo of gold to the house is definitely enough. In this context there is a need to resolve this first. Because.. if they talk too much.. if they give too many promises.. political leaders not only lose their greatness but also lose their credibility.

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