GST is not the wayfarer: chief minister Stalin Kattam!

Chief minister Stalin Kattam has said that GST is not a waybust.In 2017, the central government introduced the Goods and services Tax (GST) Act, which would impose a uniform tax across the country, amid various protests. There is opposition to this law even today. GST is playing an important role in the upcoming lok sabha elections while the opposition parties are insisting that various amendments should be made to this law.

In its election manifesto, the DMK said that the GST tax collection will be done entirely by the state government and the remaining amount will be given to the central government to contribute to the states. In its election manifesto, the congress said that the GST introduced by the bjp government will be modified so that it does not affect the poor and the GST Council will be redesigned.

In this situation, chief minister Stalin Kattam has said that the GST is not the way out. He said on his X page, “GST: Not a tax… a wayfarer! "GST can be implemented only on his dead body," said Mr. narendra Modi, when he became Prime minister, brought in "GST Economic Freedom" and "One Nation One Tax".

GST on everything from hotel to two-wheeler repair? When a middle-class family goes to a hotel to enjoy themselves, they see the GST on the bill and cry #GabbarSinghTax!Will GST be charged on whatever selfie you take next? 1.45 Lakh Crore corporate Tax Waiver bjp Can't Be Compassionate To The Poor?

64 percent of the GST revenue is collected from 50 percent of the grassroots. 33 percent of GST is collected from 40 percent of the middle class. Only 3 percent of GST comes from the richest 10 percent. 50% of the indian population pays more than 6 times the indirect tax.

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