Snake bite in Guruvayur - madurai train soon: Intensive treatment for youth!

A snake bite incident on a passenger traveling on the Guruvayur-Madurai express train has caused panic. A passenger was reportedly bitten by a snake on the Guruvayur-Madurai Express train. It has been revealed that the victim is karthi from Tenkasi. The incident took place when the train reached Ettumanur. Immediately, karthi was admitted to kottayam Medical college where he is undergoing intensive treatment.

However, no proper explanation has been given by the Railways as to how the snake got into the train. The railway officials and the railway police initially suspected that the bite on the train was a snake or an elephant. However, fellow passengers reported seeing a snake in the train. The bitten youth also said that he saw the snake. The hospital management has also confirmed that the treatment for the snakebite has started. The hospital administration said that the youth who was bitten by the snake did not suffer any serious injuries.

Earlier, only the coach in which the victim was traveling was sealed and the Guruvayur-Madurai express train was operated. Some railway officials said that the snake might have entered the train while it was stopping at Guruvayur. However, the incident has raised concerns about the safety of train passengers.

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