Battle of Giants..! Who will win..!?

Chandrababu's strategies, which claim to be a 40-year-old industry, have failed miserably recently. At a time when Jagan's political existence is becoming a danger if Jagan's aggression is not prevented somehow, he is writing strategies by drawing on all his experience. Chandrababu is getting ready to step on any threshold, any number of stairs to defeat Jagan. Chandrababu says he is ready to do anything to give any assurances. As part of the strategy to oust jagan, the janasena has already pleased Pawan Kalyan. Modi and amit shah worked almost as hard as holding their legs and convinced them to alliances. The successful six-guarantee formula was copied in Karnataka. Chandrababu, who claims to be a 40-year-old industry... doesn't dare to convince the people of his party's policies in elections...he believes in alliances, heights, and formulas.
The same Chandrababu has been criticizing Jagan's schemes as panchdu schemes. The same Chandrababu who criticized the volunteers as Jagan's private army for four and a half years has now taken the Uturn saying that he will continue with them and pay ten thousand. Chandrababu looks like he lacks self-confidence with U-turn politics. Even if he does all this, he seems to have disbelief that jagan can be dethroned. jagan, on the other hand, looks confident from the start. The selection of candidates was completed before everyone else. Even if all the opposition comes together as a coalition, they are slow to believe that the lion will come single. By doing social engineering, people are being asked to vote only if good things happen under my regime. jagan, who believed in welfare, is once again coming into the ring as a partisan of the poor. Let's see who will be the winner this time in this battle of giants.

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