The election fervour in andhra pradesh is reaching new heights as the state prepares for the release of notifications for both assembly and lok sabha elections tomorrow. With nominations set to begin soon, the political landscape is buzzing with activity. Meanwhile, anticipation for the lok sabha elections is also building up across the country.

In andhra pradesh, the YSRCP aims to retain power in the upcoming elections, while opposition alliances are gearing up to challenge the ruling party. Notably, prominent election strategist prashant kishore has made significant remarks predicting victory for the nda alliance in AP. kishore criticized the incumbent government, highlighting issues such as the lack of infrastructure development, capital construction delays, and insufficient focus on industrial growth. These comments drew strong criticism from YSRCP leaders.

Adding to the intrigue, mamata banerjee, the trinamool congress chief and West bengal Chief Minister, weighed in on prashant Kishore's involvement. In a recent interview with a bengali news channel, she disclosed that kishore did not work for her party during the lok sabha elections. Instead, he is currently occupied in andhra pradesh, reportedly assisting the nda alliance. 

Banerjee expressed her disapproval of Kishore's alignment with the BJP, asserting her support for the opposition. She criticized the apparent lack of Kishore's involvement outside andhra pradesh, despite his active engagement in the state's political dynamics.

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