The congress party, buoyed by its success in the recent assembly elections in Telangana, is now setting its sights on the parliamentary elections. cm Revanth has orchestrated discussions with party leadership and strategically positioned candidates to contest in all seats. With a concerted effort from senior party members, congress aims to secure victory across the board.

Meanwhile, the opposition parties, BRS and bjp, are also gearing up to assert their dominance in the parliamentary elections. However, the spotlight remains on whether congress can reclaim its former stronghold in nizamabad, a constituency with significant historical significance. Once a bastion of congress, the parliamentary seat witnessed a shift in allegiance following the formation of Telangana, with bjp emerging victorious in the 2019 elections.

The upcoming elections in nizamabad carry echoes of its storied past, with congress having secured victory eleven times out of the seventeen elections conducted since its formation. TDP's independent candidate also clinched success thrice, while BRS tasted victory once following the state's bifurcation. However, with congress currently holding power in Telangana, the party has nominated jeevan reddy to contest from nizamabad, banking on his capabilities to lead the charge.

As the political landscape evolves, congress remains resolute in its pursuit of victory, aiming to reclaim its stronghold in the nizamabad parliamentary segment. With the electorate's decision looming large, the stage is set for a closely contested battle, and only time will tell the outcome of this political showdown.

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