The political landscape in telangana is once again ablaze with activity as the parliamentary elections approach. Parties are strategically positioning themselves to secure a majority in the Lok Sabha. Strong candidates have been nominated, and campaigns are in full swing, with promises of change and development being made by contenders from all sides. Amidst the fervour, the BRS party has emerged as a significant player, taking the election extremely seriously.

Meanwhile, the congress party, currently holding power, is making concerted efforts to bolster its position. By incorporating leaders from the  party and focusing on the parliamentary elections, congress aims to consolidate its support base. Notably, key leaders have already made their presence felt, transitioning from the Rose party to Congress.

KCR, keen on demonstrating his influence in the parliamentary elections, is tactically manoeuvring within the party's framework. Engaging in meetings and delivering speeches, kcr recently made headlines with his remarks at the Praja Aashirwada Sabha organized by the BRS party in Sultanpur of Chautukur Mandal. kcr boldly predicted the electoral fortunes of the congress party, suggesting that survey reports indicate a mere two seats for them in the upcoming polls.

In a scathing critique, kcr highlighted the purported fear within cm Revanth Reddy's words, suggesting that the congress government's days are numbered and predicting its imminent collapse. With tensions running high and electoral stakes escalating, the political landscape in telangana remains fluid, with each party vying for supremacy and the electorate holding the key to their fate.

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