Do you know how many bottles of goods can be taken till the election is over? Confiscation if violated!

After the announcement of the election date, the rules of conduct of elections have come into effect across the country, and strict restrictions have been imposed on many things. While campaigning for the lok sabha elections is going on across the country, the first phase of polling will take place on april 19. The election dates were announced by the election commission last month and the code of conduct came into effect across the country. When it comes to a code of conduct, there are certain rules that everyone, from leaders to others, must follow. During this period, vehicles are rigorously tested in all states. Because money and alcohol are supplied in large quantities during election time.

There are strict restrictions on cash and liquor. In such a situation, if you have more than Rs.50 thousand in cash and there is no receipt for it, the police can confiscate it. Liquor-related rules are enforced by the state government, as two to three bottles can be carried in any state. A sealed bottle is allowed in some states. In Uttar Pradesh, only one sealed bottle of liquor can be brought from another state, and bringing in more will attract a fine of up to Rs 5,000.

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