The actor who announced the news of India's independence on the radio... do you know who?

In the early hours of august 15, 1947, a young man's voice on All india Radio announced that india had become an independent nation after gaining independence from british rule. Do you know whose voice it is?

Legendary actor Poornam Viswanathan was the first person to announce India's independence on All india Radio (AIR) on august 15, 1947. He is famous as a great actor and has acted in many hit films. He started acting on stage at the age of 18. He joined the theater group and acted. Later, he joined All india Radio (AIR) as a newsreader. It was then that he announced the historic news of India's independence to the nation for the first time in his voice.

When he moved to chennai in 1964, he played several roles in various plays such as Tanikuduthanam, Ur Vambu, Kadhal Kattu, written by Marina. god had come and further enthralled the audience with his performances in dramas like Slaves and Swing. A long-time passion for acting and theater led him to start a theater group called New Theatres. He was also an Assistant Information Officer at the press Information Bureau. Later he worked as editor of Project magazine and senior correspondent of Yojana magazine.

He has acted in notable films like Poverty Color is Red, Rajbard Rangadurai, Thimthi Prai, Dillu Mullu, Varusham 16, Keladi Kanmani, Aasa, and Mahanadi. She got a place in the hearts of malayalam fans by acting in chitram opposite Mohanlal. She starred in the bollywood blockbuster Ek Tuje Ke Liyew alongside kamal haasan and rathi Agnihotri.

Renowned writer Sujatha was so impressed by Poornam's acting skills that he cast him as the lead in his drama The Strange Life of Narendan. Later, he also acted in the comedy-drama god Has Come. His performance in it was highly appreciated by the audience

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