Kanimozhi: Modi doesn't have guts to question china - kanimozhi sarcasm

Kanimozhi accused prime minister Modi of not having the courage to question china, which is encroaching on our country's borders, and oppressing the farmers by not letting them question them.

As lok sabha elections are approaching, DMK candidate kanimozhi from Thoothukudi parliamentary constituency today canvassed the public in the Koottambuli area of the Ottapidaram assembly constituency and collected votes for the Udayasuriyan symbol. Then he said that on the coming 19th we should all go to the polling booth and vote without giving any reason. We must get everyone together and vote. This election is not like any other election. To save the democracy of this country? No, an election that can decide whether to leave to dictatorship.

Now there is little freedom of speech and the right to vote remains. But if totalitarianism comes, no one will have the right to speak. No voting rights. Modi will bring about such a situation. He does not like it when anyone speaks against him. Many potential opposition leaders are in jail. Because they did not join the BJP. Fearing this, some people join the BJP, and they are immediately put in the BJP's washing machine and washed clean. If you are in the opposition party, you will have to go to jail.

Farmers fought for the basic price, what are the farmers' terrorists? They used a drone to stop them from entering delhi and fired tear gas at it. Beyond that, nailed roads, huge barbed wire fences, and cement fences, all block the farmers. But china keeps coming into India. They take our place, build villages, and name them in Chinese. Modi does not have the guts to question them.

BJP divides people based on caste and religion for its political gain and creates riots in it. A huge riot took place in gujarat when Modi was the Chief Minister. Manipur has been rioting for the last one year and everyone knows that women have been mistreated there. Did Modi go to Manipur and meet the people who were there and console them? No. congress has announced in its election manifesto that a poor woman will be given Rs 1 lakh every year. To do all this you need to vote for the rising sun symbol. He said that the first box, the first symbol, and the first name at the polling booth should create a chance for me to win by voting on our rising sun symbol.

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