Elon: Attention new X users. "Now everything is money" - Elon Musk released action information!

Elon Musk: Elon Musk bought  in october 2022. After that, he not only changed its name to X but also played some games with its logo.

Elon Musk is bringing a new paid service to his X, it has been announced that now if you want to post a post, reply to a post, or even like a post, you will be charged for it. He thinks that this step is only to avoid problems like unwanted bots and spam and charging new visitors to site X is the only way to control their growth. Follow people on site X for free and it has been announced that browsing is allowed for free. But everyone who wants to join X will be charged an annual fee. “New accounts pay a small annual fee before you can post, like, bookmark, and reply.This is a new change announced to reduce spam and create a better experience for everyone. Musk is planning some big changes to his X platform and will make most of the features used on it X chargeable.

While many say that Elon Musk's move will only add to the many already unhappy with the X Page, some say it is necessary to remove some unwanted bots and spam from the X Page. Also, it has been reported that some genuine users are not accessing the X site due to fake bots. But it's not clear when this fee variation will come into effect, nor how much the annual fee will be. But new users are believed to be charged $1 (roughly Rs. 82) for the entire year. X already offers its Premium subscription in different variants, notably Grok AI support for Premium+ users.

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