Indirakumari passed away: Former minister Indirakumari passed away! What is the political journey of AIADMK to DMK?

Bulavar Indrakumari, who started her political journey during the mgr regime, served as Social Welfare minister in the jayalalithaa regime. Indrakumari, who is currently in DMK, passed away due to ill health. Political party leaders are condoling his death. Indrakumari, who was suffering from ill health, passed away yesterday (April 15) night. He was 73 years old. chief minister Stalin and many DMK leaders are condoling his death. In this situation, Indira Kumari, who started her political journey with mgr, has finally ended her journey with DMK. Now let's see what is the life journey of Indrakumari who was caught in the cases and sentenced to jail...

 Indra Kumari, a native of Nadrampalli, Vellore district, always wanted to become a lyricist in cinema. Literary eloquence gave a helping hand to the one who was looking for an opportunity for this. When mgr got hold of Bulavar Indrakumari's speech, he started using her for AIADMK campaigns and public meetings. In 1991, jayalalithaa gave a seat to Indrakumari, who was constantly involved in platform speeches, in Nadrampalli constituency of Vellore district. At that time AIADMK won a huge victory and formed the government. Indira Kumari also got the post of social welfare minister along with her election victory.

Indrakumari was involved in the case

He faced various corruption cases during this regime. During the 1991-1996 AIADMK rule, all including the then social welfare minister Indira Kumari were acquitted in the cases of malpractice in providing free dress, saree, and free shoes to school children. But then again he got involved in a case. A case was filed against him for defrauding government funds of Rs 15.45 lakh by claiming to start a school for the deaf and differently-abled. Due to this, when the situation arose to call the court, he united himself with the DMK in 2006. He joined the DMK for more than 15 years and did not hold any important posts.


It was in this situation that the case against Indrakumari was being investigated in the Special court of MPs and MLAs in the district Collectorate, Chennai. In this case, former minister indra Kumari and Shanmugam Babu have been found guilty. Also sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. The case was appealed and he avoided jail time. In this situation, he would attend DMK meetings from time to time, even if he stayed away from the political arena. In this situation, he was admitted to the hospital for treatment after his health was affected. Pulavar Indrakumari passed away last night without treatment. Political party leaders are condoling his death


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