The elections in andhra pradesh are nearing and yet the flames of dissatisfaction regarding the tickets have not been extinguished. After the formation of tdp alliance, many senior leaders had to stay away from tickets. All such people are expressing their anger on Chandrababu's behavior. On the other hand, the factional struggle in tdp has also reached the highest level. The struggle for supremacy between its own leaders has also become a big headache for the party. Many people have already left the party on the issue of ticket. In the past, he worked as an mla and also as a minister.

But it must be said that their situation in the district is confused. They also have serious differences with the key leader of the party, Achchennaidu. The Gunda couple alleged that Achchennaidu is oppressing them in the district and preventing them from getting tickets. The gang is accusing.

The Gunda group is alleging that the reason for this is that Chandrababu has allotted the ticket to Gond shankar by keeping Gunda Lakshmidevi aside. It is known that the Gunda couple who met Chandrababu recently came to an unexpected decision. Chandrababu told the couple to work to win the candidate. The couple who are unhappy with Chandrababu's decision announced that they are withdrawing from active politics. However, their decision has become a hot topic in the district. But it remains to be seen how much their decision will affect the tdp party in the upcoming elections.

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