BJP does not win over 150 constituencies - rahul Gandhi's prediction!

Congress senior leader rahul gandhi predicts that bjp will not win more than 150 seats in lok sabha elections

The lok sabha election date has been announced. Voting will be held in 7 phases for 543 constituencies across the country. For the first time, the 102 lok sabha constituencies in various states including tamilnadu will be held tomorrow. In the meantime, congress senior congress leader rahul gandhi and former Samajwadi party leader and former Uttar Pradesh chief minister akhilesh yadav met with journalists in Ghaziabad.

Speaking at the time, rahul gandhi said, “I predicted that the bjp would win 180 seats until 15 to 20 days ago. Generally, I do not agree with these predictions. But according to the current conditions, the bjp can only win in 150 seats. India's alliance is growing across the country. ” said. The election bonds program is the world's largest intimidating money. rahul gandhi has accused Modi of being a champion of corruption. The prime minister says that electoral bonds have been introduced for transparency. Why, then, why did the supreme court cancel the organization? rahul gandhi also questioned the question. Why did you hide the names of those who paid the BJP? Why did you hide the dates they paid you? He also raised questions.

Rahul gandhi criticized prime minister Modi's interview with news agency ANI and claimed that the interview was scripted and that the show was a failed event.“In the last 10 years of the bjp, all sides have been suffering from money laundering, supporting GST and Adani, and reducing employment. Our first job is to strengthen employment in the country again. ” rahul gandhi assured.Responding to Modi's criticism of the Congress's plan to eradicate poverty, no one has said that poverty cannot be eliminated, but there will be strong efforts. akhilesh yadav said that the indian coalition is the new confidence in the election and rahul gandhi has said that there are many things to eradicate poverty in their election manifesto. akhilesh yadav said the farmers would be happy because the crops would be more profitable. akhilesh yadav said the bjp would be given a huge farewell and said, "There should be no vote in the lok sabha election." said

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