A luxury house worth Rs 10 crore in London.. This bjp candidate's property is worth Rs 1400 crore.

Pallavi Tempo, the bjp candidate from South goa, has stated in an affidavit that she has assets worth Rs 1400 crore. lok sabha elections are going to be held across the country in 7 phases from 19th to 1st June. Due to this, the political field has heated up with filing of nomination papers and intense campaigning. In that way, the details of their assets are revealed in the affidavit filed by the political party candidates. In that way, the information that has been released about the property value of a bjp candidate has caused surprise.

Yes. bjp candidate from South goa, Pallavi Tempo, has stated in his affidavit that he has assets worth Rs.1400 crores. With this, he has earned the honor of being the richest candidate who has never contested any election in Goa. A woman named Pallavi Tempo is contesting on behalf of the bjp in the South goa constituency. In this situation, he filed his nomination to contest the lok sabha elections yesterday. He has also filed a 119-page affidavit regarding his property value. In it, she mentioned that her husband Srinivas' assets are worth Rs.1400 crores. He got Rs. 255.44 crore and her husband srinivas Rs. 998.83 crore of assets mentioned.

He mentioned that the total market value of Pallavi's immovable properties is Rs 28.2 crore, while the total market value of srinivas is Rs 83.2 crore. Apart from goa, the Tempo couple has property in other parts of the country. The couple also owns an apartment in Dubai, which has a current market value of Rs. 2.5 crore as stated in the affidavit. It is also reported that Modi owns an apartment in london worth Rs. Apart from these, Pallavi mentioned that he owns many luxury cars and gold worth Rs 5.7 crore.

Pallavi has filed an income tax return of Rs 10 crore for the financial year 2022-23. srinivas filed a return of Rs 11 crore in the same year, according to the affidavit. Pallavi Tempo, now 49, holds a Masters in business Administration from MIT, pune University. Notably, Pallavi, a politician, is married to srinivas Tempo, chairman of Tempo Group, which has businesses ranging from football to real estate, shipbuilding, education, and mining.

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