Elections are a festive atmosphere in our country. As the election season begins, so does the buzz. A politician's campaign goes on in full swing. Promises will rain. The war of words of party leaders starts. And the main leaders spread the word with their trips. Wherever you look in the media, election news appears. But.. all this is only one side of the coin.

We are the largest democracy in the world. The heart of this is the election.. It cannot be denied. But what about the common man who becomes part of this election campaign.. Just when the elections come.. the code will come into force. The election Code will remain in force from the time the election process begins until the results are out. Once the code collapses...wherever the development stops there...the governments become nominal. Except for urgent tasks, all other tasks will be postponed.

More commotion and fights than elections. Is such a long election process necessary? When the elections come, all the work stops. Normal life almost comes to a standstill. elections are necessary or not.. elections are necessary in a democracy.. but.. there is a need for changes in the election code. The antiquated election code needs to be reviewed. The code contains very strict provisions. For example, the idols that are common throughout the year are also removed when the elections come.. That is, the people who see those idols decide where to cast their votes.. Some of the code provisions are like this.

There is a need for changes so that elections can be held without harming the life of the common man who comes to vote on election day and takes care of his work. Along with the provisions of the code, the nature of the parties also needs to change. Furthermore, the 1950's propaganda methods and public meetings should be changed. Many good changes have come in our lives after corona. Digitization is the most important among them.

Parties should also utilize this digitization. The main expenditure of the candidates in the elections is for the campaign and the distribution of leaflets. No matter what is the case with Thaila, it costs a lot for publicity. Rallies, demonstrations, public meetings should be organized. A huge crowd should be brought to those meetings. If people want to come, they have to give money. Biryani packet and medicine should be supplied to them. Transportation costs should be taken care of. There is so much tension. A situation where 20-30 crores have to be spent on a single public meeting. And after winning, the candidate has to collect the money spent like this. Shouldn't that also be demanded from the people? In this wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital age, is this old shout necessary? Parties should think.

After doing this, what is the open meeting? The speeches of three or four main leaders. In the wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital era.. in the online era.. children's lessons are being taught online. It is not wrong if the leaders give their speeches online. This saves a lot of cost. Cost of candidates will be reduced. That will reduce the exploitation of that leader after he is elected. The common man's life is disturbed by these open meetings. We keep seeing that the common people are suffering from lack of transport facilities due to the fact that all the means of transport including rtc buses are used only for these meetings.

Not only that, workers are mostly moved to these houses during the election season. Due to this, many small industries are crippled. Agricultural work stops in the villages. Is all this necessary.. Why do public meetings work except for shows of force.. What is needed in elections is ideological debates.. not unnecessary shouting.

That's it.. Many business sectors will also be stagnant until the elections are over. Mainly real estate sector. The sector almost freezes during elections. There are no rates for places.. There is no one who buys or sells.. elections are necessary but.. we should also think about the people. The people and the leaders of the parties should think seriously about what to do during the elections so that the common man does not suffer and the development process does not stop.

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