In a recent interview, Harish Rao, a prominent figure in telangana politics, made allegations against revanth reddy, a leader of the congress party. Rao claimed that reddy had colluded with the bharatiya janata party (BJP) to undermine the electoral prospects of the Congress.

Rao cited several recent bye-elections in telangana, including those in Dubbaka, Hujarabad, and Munugodu, where the congress party suffered significant losses, failing to even secure its deposit. He attributed these defeats to Reddy's purported involvement, alleging that reddy had taken "supari" (contract) from the congress to ensure their defeat in these elections.

By placing the blame squarely on reddy, Rao sought to divert attention from any potential involvement or influence from his party, the telangana rashtra samithi (TRS), in these electoral outcomes. His remarks aimed to portray reddy as the mastermind behind the congress party's electoral setbacks, thereby undermining his credibility and political standing.

Rao's comments also served to bolster the image of the trs by positioning it as a party untainted by such machinations. By framing reddy as the driving force behind the congress party's losses, Rao attempted to deflect criticism and scrutiny away from his own party's role in the political landscape.

Overall, Rao's remarks reflect the intense political rivalry and manoeuvring that characterize the electoral arena in telangana, where leaders often engage in verbal sparring and accusations to gain an advantage and undermine their opponents.

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