Purandeswari who has surpassed others..!?

-It is a game to get the majority of bjp seats for kamma Varga
- Vainam is undermining Kapu, bc, and sc in the BJP
- Even in the chintamaneni seat, the bjp kamma leader has a seat..!

Criticism is being heard seriously from the leaders of ap bjp that ap bjp president is strangling the leader of ap bjp for her own benefit. When the original ap bjp took over the reins, all the active leaders till then left the BJP. There are criticisms that Purandeshwari is going ahead with her own agenda and that she and Chandrababu are only going along with it for their own benefit. In the 2014 elections, she contested from rajampet in an alliance and lost. She can contest there as there is an alliance this time too. But she is contesting from rajahmundry which is a safe seat for her.
Here also in this parliament, non-member seat was given to the BJP. As usual, Purandeshwari should feel very happy. If even an assembly seat is given to the bjp in her parliamentary constituency, she should win it. But with the fear that she will definitely lose if bjp contests there, now she has turned the wheel to give Dendulur seat to bjp in eluru district, instead of giving that seat to TDP. If we look at the actual ap bjp candidates, it seems that Purandeshwari has put down the Kapu and bc classes and has given a big platform to his own social class. It is said that she has surpassed her and Chandrababu in this regard.

Among the 10 assembly seats, along with Etcherla's candidate, Kaikaluru's Kamineni Srinivas, vijayawada West's sujana Choudhary, and Tapana Choudhary, who is seeking the latest Dendulur seat, are also Kamma. And Satyakumar's wife, who is contesting in Dharmavaram, is also a kamma person. Not a single mla seat was given to the Kapulas.  Anyway, the party is saying that purandeswari is sacrificing ap bjp for her own social class and her own interests.

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