Dinakaran's early career to compete in Theni again - Anuradha scores in women's

DTV Dhinakaran's wife Anuradha Dhinakaran is lobbying in the final phase of the campaign to teach a lesson to those who think they can get their vote by paying 300 rupees to the voters. Anuradha Dhinakaran did an election campaign to support AMMK General Secretary TTV Dhinakaran in Theni

As the campaign for the parliamentary elections ends today at 6 pm, the political parties are conducting a whirlwind campaign in the final phase of the campaign. In this situation, his wife Anuradha Dhinakaran has actively lobbied in support of Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam General Secretary TTV Dhinakaran, who is contesting in the Theni parliamentary constituency on behalf of the national democratic alliance in the Theni lok sabha constituency.

Today, when we conducted the final phase of campaigning in Lakshmipuram near Periyakulam, we came back to compete in the Theni lok sabha constituency because of the blessings we had done in our previous lives. A lesson should be taught to the political parties who think that their vote can be bought for 300 rupees or 500 rupees.

She carried out the final phase of lobbying by saying that her husband has a plan to increase the livelihood of people from all walks of life by doing development projects to raise the standard of living of the people of Theni. After the campaign, he personally went and spoke to the women gathered in the area. After that, he worshiped in the temple there and finished his final campaign.

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