Case of the resignation of Ranjit as independent MLA…

Ranjit Singh Chautala's resignation as an independent mla after joining bjp in haryana has still not been accepted. Nearly three weeks after resigning from the haryana assembly, he has been called to personally meet the assembly Speaker next week. The resignation of 78-year-old Ranjit Chautala has still not been accepted. After joining the party last month, bjp has made him its candidate from hisar Lok Sabha seat.

Independent mla Ranjit Singh Chautala from Rania seat in Sirsa district sent his resignation to haryana assembly Speaker Gyan Chand Gupta on march 24. The Speaker said on wednesday (April 17) that Ranjit Chautala's resignation came through a messenger on march 24 and is under consideration.

Why was Ranjit Chautala's resignation not accepted?

According to a PTI report, haryana assembly Speaker Gyan Chand Gupta said, "Ranjit Singh Chautala has been asked to appear in person on april 23." As the Speaker of the assembly, it is my responsibility if a member resigns from the assembly, it is our job to verify that the resignation has not been sent under any pressure or compulsion.

What did haryana Speaker Gyan Chand Gupta say?

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of a party event in Panchkula, Speaker Gyan Chand Gupta said, 'Once he comes forward in person, he will clarify things and after that any decision (on Ranjit Chautala's resignation as MLA) will be taken. Gupta is a bjp mla from Panchkula. Asked whether Chautala's resignation as assembly member would be accepted on the same day, he said, "If we are satisfied, it can be accepted on the same day."

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