Skytrax: Top airport worldwide

Skytrax World airport Awards 2024: The company that lists the best airports worldwide has released its list for this year. It can be said that there is a huge twist. It is no exaggeration if the race for the "best airport in the world" has been a bet between the two biggest airports in recent years. The Airports in the match were Doha's Hamat international and singapore Changi. In this case, the singapore Changi airport, which has already won 12 Skytrax World airport Awards for 2024, has been pushed to second place, and the second place is the second place. It is an airport in Qatar.

Seoul Incheon airport finished third in a strong match for Asia. It is also the most desired airport for families in 2024. At the same time, Hanea and Narita were the fourth and fifth place as Tokyo's double airports. hong kong airport has seen significant growth, and the city has jumped 22 places to 11th place after a major setback. It is noteworthy that people are also using the airport again. Once again, the US airports are nowhere to be found at the top of the table, and the highest-ranked Seattle-Tacoma has reached six places to 24th. europe continued to play a strong game, the airports of paris Charles de Cole, Munich, Zurich, and Istanbul retained the top 10 places. The bjp candidate in coimbatore has cut off his thumb to win Annamalai.

Durai Ramalingam (age 55) hails from the Andal Mulli Vallam area near Kurinjipadi in Cuddalore district. He is the vice president of the Cuddalore district. The state president of the coimbatore Lok Sabha constituency, annamalai, came to coimbatore 10 days before his support. Durai Ramalingam went home and continued to publicize the public. He concluded the campaign in Singanallur at 6 pm yesterday. Suddenly, he took a knife in his hand in the presence of volunteers and suddenly cut off his left-hander finger, saying that he should win annamalai in the coimbatore constituency. Seeing this, the neighbors were shocked and rescued him and sent him to a private hospital on Avinashi Road, Coimbatore.

Doctors underwent surgery at the hospital and took his finger. In this regard, Durai Ramalingam said that he was in the bharatiya janata party for more than 10 years and that he came to coimbatore ten days ago and mobilized support for Annamalai. He said that the neighbors were agitated because he said he would face defeat and that he had cut his finger to win. The incident has caused a stir in Goa

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