Cross Voting becomes a minus for the tdp Alliance..!?

-cross-voting is going to sink the alliance.

-There is a problem with the confusion of the symbols.

- Alliance should change its campaigning method.

The comments show that tdp, bjp, and janasena are competing together in AP, while in one way it is good for those parties, but in another way, there are also chances of huge loss for these parties. There is a campaign going on in political circles that cross-voting is going to sink the alliance. tdp, Jana Sena and BJP leaders are facing difficulties in promoting their symbols in contested seats. If three parties are contesting in one lok sabha, this problem is further compounded. The Jana Sena glass symbol and the bjp lotus symbol are not very familiar to the people, so the comments are pouring that there is a problem with the confusion of the symbols. It is noteworthy that the lack of local leaders of bjp and janasena is also a minus for those parties.


It is being reported that assembly elections and lok sabha elections are being held on the same date and it has become a headache for the alliance. It can be said that there is a chance of getting better results if MLAs contesting from Chandrababu, Pawan, and bjp take steps without the possibility of cross-voting. If the leaders of the main parties do not focus on the issues affecting the alliance, it will not be useful to suffer after the election results.


On the other hand, the comments indicate that the alliance should change its campaigning method, and only then will the results be as expected. On the other hand, the allegations of the involvement of tdp leaders in the case of stone pelting on jagan are causing immense damage to the alliance. It is becoming a hot topic to mention that there is a conspiracy to kill jagan in the remand report. It seems that issuing court orders not to talk about Viveka's murder is also a minus for the alliance.

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