The police named Satish as A1 who found Satish alias Satti to be the accused in the case of stone pelting on ap cm YS Jagan. While the police say that Satish threw stones at jagan at the instigation of A2, the question of who is A2 is not answered in the remand report. Six days after the incident, there are still many doubts about this case. Questions are being raised whether Durga Rao will be appointed as A2 or another person will be appointed as A2 in this case.
While the police detained Durga Rao as a suspect, it is not clear whether his role is there as his name is not in the remand report. It remains to be seen what will happen in the coming days in this case. Durga Rao's family members are roaming around the station to find him. There are no satisfactory answers in the remand report to the questions of why Satish attacked Jagan.
On the other hand, bonda uma is angry that her name is heard even though she has no direct or indirect connection with this case. He wants his name not to be mentioned as he has nothing to do with the attack. While the court remanded Satish for 14 days, there are also questions whether there is someone behind Durga Rao.
It is said that the accused Satish tried to attack twice at the Daba Kotla center and the accused threw a stone at the vehicle jagan was traveling in but the stone did not hit him and then he came near Vivekananda school and threw the stone. Bhogatta said that when some people saw him attacking him with a stone and tried to catch him, Satish ran away from them. The case of attack on jagan is currently becoming a hot topic in ap politics.

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