Chinthamaneni Prabhakar's lasting Impression..!?

- It is his mannerism that definitely appeals to the masses.

-Prabhakar is responsible for saving the lives of many poor people.

-Chintamaneni has a lasting impression.

He is former mla Chinthamaneni Prabhakar who is contesting again from the denduluru constituency. victory in this election will be crucial for chintamaneni, who is getting ready to contest from denduluru for the fourth consecutive time on behalf of tdp in the latest elections. This is very prestigious for his political future. If chintamaneni has a minus anywhere, it is his words and some bigots don't accept him..!  Chintamaneni, who is known as poor among the poor, as sc for SCs and as BC for BCs is known to everyone in the constituency. It is his mannerism that definitely appeals to the masses. He really connects with the masses. His mass style has made him the undisputed hero of the masses across the state.

Also, there is no need to worry about solving problems. He worked hard to solve many problems. There is no doubt that Dendulur Constituency was developed between 2014-19 without looking back for another 20-30 years. Dendulur has been developed with funds of more than 2 thousand crores in 2014-19 five years than when prabhakar was mla in the first term of 2009-14. This is an undeniable truth. The truth is that despite the arrival of the YSP government, the development that has been worrying is still visible in Dendulur. prabhakar is responsible for saving the lives of many poor and middle-class people by making medical services available quickly. This is evidenced by the medical services he provided to hundreds of pregnant women. Since prabhakar is a farmer's child, there is little to say about the effort he put in for water, return roads, and other internal roads in the Dendulur constituency. However, in the matter of the manner of speech, he faced difficulties because he did not control himself and there is an argument that there is no reason to worry about work. If that small minus comes, prabhakar will never have a political comeback.

His class says that his victory in the current election is already assured. Moreover, they also say that the current elections are only for the majority. The imprint of worry is clearly visible in everyone's mind. chintamaneni has a lasting impression.

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