As the parliament elections heat up in telangana, all eyes are on the Bharatiya Rashtriya Samithi (BRS) party and its anticipated performance. Once an unstoppable force following the formation of a separate telangana state, BRS faced an unexpected setback in the last assembly elections, securing only 39 seats and assuming the role of the opposition. The party's struggle to find candidates for the parliamentary elections reflects its current predicament.

Complicating matters further, chief minister Revanth Reddy, mirroring the strategies of his predecessor KCR, has managed to sway key leaders of the BRS into joining the congress fold, with the possibility of more defections looming. Amidst these developments, speculation runs rife regarding the number of seats BRS might clinch in the parliamentary elections.

TRS, while grappling with internal shifts, acknowledges the urgency of securing a majority of seats in the parliamentary elections to bolster its position. Recently, KTR's presence at a booth-level meeting in the jubilee hills assembly segment saw him launching scathing criticisms at the opposition. Notably, he asserted confidence in securing the mla seat previously held by Danam Nagender, who switched parties, hinting at impending by-elections.

 However, ktr emphasized that BRS holds the key to defeating the bjp in the secunderabad parliamentary constituency, positioning it as the party's first potential victory in the upcoming elections. In his critique, ktr also highlighted Revanth's alleged failure to deliver on promises, further intensifying the political discourse in the region.

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