The Bharatiya Rashtriya Samithi (BRS) party, despite enjoying power in telangana twice before, faced defeat in its bid for a third consecutive term. Following its loss in the last assembly elections, it now resides in the opposition benches. However, the party's woes continue as it grapples with a series of defections, with key leaders bidding farewell to the party one after another.

Notably, sitting MPs and MLAs who once represented BRS are now aligning themselves with the congress party, further weakening BRS's position. The trend of former members switching parties adds to the party's woes, with political analysts predicting more defections from BRS to congress in the near future.

Amidst the flurry of political activity surrounding the parliamentary elections, another blow awaits the BRS party. Rajendranagar mla Prakash Goud, a sitting member of the party, has announced his intention to join Congress. Goud recently met with cm Revanth reddy to convey his decision, indicating his readiness to don the congress scarf alongside his followers in the presence of the CM.

The exodus from BRS to congress includes prominent figures such as Khairatabad mla Danam Mahender, as well as key leaders like Kadiam Srihari, Tellam Venkatarao, and Kadiam Kavya, all of whom previously held positions within BRS. With each departure, BRS finds itself increasingly isolated, facing the daunting challenge of retaining its relevance amidst the shifting political landscape of Telangana.

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