In the ever-unfolding drama of politics, time often reveals the true state of affairs, irrespective of the busy schedules and actions taken. In Telangana, the reign of kcr and ktr for a decade ensured the dominance of their party, suppressing any semblance of opposition. However, their grip on power has loosened, with recent electoral setbacks leaving them unable to question the opposition's authority.

The Bharatiya Rashtriya Samithi (BRS) party, once formidable under their leadership, now faces a wave of defections, with leaders gravitating towards congress and BJP. Apart from ktr, kcr, and Harish Rao, few within BRS criticize the government. Meanwhile, congress claims that many former MLAs, MPs, and ministers from BRS are in talks to join their ranks, hinting at further fractures within the party.

KCR retaliates, alleging that congress MLAs are also in contact with his party, predicting the imminent collapse of the congress government. Amidst this political turmoil, a significant blow came from within KTR's family, as his brother-in-law, Edla Rahul, once his trusted aide, joined Congress. This defection underscores the internal strife within BRS and highlights the disillusionment among its leaders.

As KCR's family members express doubts about the party, it reflects the precarious situation faced by other BRS leaders. While kcr and congress leaders attempt to reassure their supporters, BRS leaders scramble to align themselves with Congress. This shifting landscape paints a picture of a party in turmoil, with leaders navigating conflicting loyalties and aspirations.

In the eyes of political analysts, the lack of trust among KCR's family members serves as a barometer for the broader discontent within BRS. As the party grapples with internal dissent and external pressures, its leaders find themselves at a crossroads, torn between loyalty to the party and their own political ambitions.

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