The electoral frenzy has gripped andhra pradesh as the election season kicks off with the release of the election notification. Leaders from all parties have commenced their nomination processes, intensifying their campaigns and engaging in fierce criticism of their opponents in the pursuit of power. With unexpected promises and fervent campaigning, the elections have taken on a heightened level of intensity.

Following the announcement of the election schedule, leaders who secured seats organized dinners for party workers and constituency leaders, urging them to vigorously campaign in their respective areas. However, a crucial aspect of the elections revolves around the transfer of money, posing challenges once the elections conclude. 

To circumvent issues with money distribution post-election, several officials have been transferred and new appointments made. Allegedly, the ruling Yuvajana Sramika Rythu congress party (YCP) has already initiated the distribution of money in certain constituencies, while the alliance is yet to follow suit.

Reports suggest that each candidate may receive up to 2000 rupees per vote, aiming to sway voters in fiercely contested constituencies. Such incentives could potentially boost voter turnout, especially in areas with tight competition. Leaders are also employing various tactics, including gifts and monetary incentives, to curry favour with voters.

 However, the election surveillance team is closely monitoring leaders throughout the state to curb any instances of money laundering, imposing strict measures to maintain the integrity of the electoral process.

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