World's youngest woman Jyoti Amge voted in Nagpur?

People are voting today with full enthusiasm on five seats in Maharashtra. Voting has started at 7 am. Meanwhile, the world's youngest woman has cast her vote from nagpur seat. According to Guinness World Records, Jyoti Amge is recognized as the world's smallest living woman. Meanwhile, a statement from Jyoti Amge has also come out. After casting his vote in nagpur, he said, “I have voted today with my entire family. I want to appeal to every voter to cast their vote because it is our duty.

Who is Jyoti Amge?

Jyoti Amge was born on 16 december 1993 in nagpur, Maharashtra. By profession, she is an indian actress who is known as the world's shortest living woman according to Guinness World Records. Due to a genetic disorder called Primordial Dwarfism, she is 62.8 centimeters (2 feet 3/4 inches) tall.

After her 18th birthday in 2011, Jyoti was officially declared the world's shortest living woman by Guinness World Records. He has made appearances in many documentaries. She was featured in the 2009 documentary "Body Shock: Two Foot Tall Teen". Jyoti has also appeared in American horror Story. In 2014, she joined the cast of "American horror Story: Freak Show" as a character (Ma Petite).

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