'The figure of 272...', Sachin Pilot's big claim regarding elections…

The great festival of lok sabha elections 2024 has started in the country and the first phase of voting is going on on 19th april (Friday). On one hand, bjp is giving the slogan of crossing 400 seats, while on the other hand, congress is claiming to touch the majority mark. Former deputy chief minister of rajasthan and congress leader sachin pilot also made a big claim regarding this in a special conversation with ABP News. On BJP's slogan of 'crossing 400', sachin pilot said, "What about the claim of 200, 300, 400, india alliance will get the figure of 272."

sachin pilot says that there is an atmosphere of change in the entire country at this time. He has expressed confidence that the india alliance is going to get majority on june 4, 2024 (the day of lok sabha election results). sachin pilot said, “The voters of the country are very intelligent. In North india, where there is competition between congress and bjp, congress will perform well. Taking aim at bjp, sachin pilot said, "For the last two times, people in rajasthan trusted them but the public is not happy. The public is accepting the congress manifesto as good.

sachin pilot mentioned the slogan of 'India Shining'

congress leader sachin pilot said that in the 2004 general elections, bjp had given the slogan of 'India Shining' but even after this the congress government was formed. The slogan of '400 Paar' is also similar. sachin pilot has claimed that even the Bhajanlal government of rajasthan has not been able to leave any significant impact on the public in the last 4 months. Everyone is fed up with them and wants change.

'BJP wants to create conflict among people'- Sachin Pilot

Former deputy cm of rajasthan sachin pilot alleges that bjp wants to raise emotional issues so that there is conflict among the people. He said, “We are confident that there will be a good performance this time.” It doesn't matter if leaders come or go, people understand the agenda. This time we congress party will come out victorious. The entire party is united, today it is about the unity of the country and the opposition and we are working together.

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