'One Muslim equals 1 crore infidels?', Pakistani spews venom…

A Pakistani man who returned from America, Canada, and england said that even if one crore infidels stand in front of a Muslim, the Muslim child will not be afraid. The Pakistani man said that the Muslim who has recited the Kalma 'La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah' is not afraid of anyone. The person in front will get scared, he will die but he will not step back. The Pakistani man said that Allah says that after reciting the Kalma, heaven becomes obligatory for a Muslim, so it does not matter if he dies after a second, because he will get to heaven.

Kashmir leader 'Farooq Abdullah' has said that the Wazir-e-Azam of the country is the 'father' of the entire country. Pakistani YouTuber Shoaib Chaudhary has spoken to the people of pakistan regarding this statement. During this time, he has tried to know what the 'father' of pakistan i.e. the prime minister and the prime minister of india are doing at this time. During this time it was seen that even many Pakistani children could not tell the name of the prime minister of their country.

The people of pakistan do not know the name of the Prime Minister

During this, the Pakistani person said that Pakistani leaders are thieves, due to which the education system of pakistan is bad. Because of this, the people of pakistan do not even know the name of their country's Wazir-e-Azam. The Pakistani man said that there is a lot of power in the prayers of Allah, if the prime minister of pakistan prays from his heart then pakistan can be benefited.

There is no need to ask from America-Pakistani

The Pakistani man said that saudi arabia has come to help pakistan because Allah had sent them. The person said that the leaders of pakistan sometimes ask for loans from America and sometimes from China, there is no need to do this. If we ask from the heart to Allah then good can happen to Pakistan. During this, Shoaib Chaudhary said that if it is so then it means that you do not pray from your heart. On this, the Pakistani person gave a vague answer and said the same thing about the spirit of Pakistan.

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