Why did the Muslim country jordan come forward to help Israel?

iran holds israel responsible for the attack on its embassy in Syria. To avenge this attack, iran fired more than 300 drones and missiles at Israel. After this, the Muslim country jordan came in support of Israel. This is as shocking as Iran's direct attack on Israel. Earlier, jordan had strongly criticized Israel's military operation in Gaza, which has been going on for the last few days. More than 33,000 people have been killed in Israel's attack on Gaza. One in five people in Jordan's population is of Palestinian origin, even the queen of jordan is of Palestinian origin. Also, in the last few weeks, protests have been taking place there against Israel.

jordan is caught between two big powers. On one hand, it has to support Palestine, on the other hand, it has to avoid fighting with Israel. In this special story, know the whole story behind the Muslim country jordan helping Israel.

First, know how jordan helped Israel

On april 13, when Iran's missiles and drones were moving towards israel, many of Israel's allies came forward to help. The air forces of America and britain played an important role in eliminating the threat coming from the sky. It is reported that the French air Force was also patrolling this area, although it is not clear whether france shot down any missile or drone or not. But what attracted the most attention was the Jordanian air Force also coming forward to help. jordan opened its air space to Israeli and American aircraft. Besides, it is believed that it also shot down other drones that intruded into its air space. According to Reuters news Agency, people in the south of Jordan's capital Amman heard loud noises in the sky and pictures of the debris of a downed drone also appeared on social media. british newspaper The Economist says that gulf countries like saudi arabia may also have played an indirect role.

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