Israel and jordan enemies of each other before?

Before the year 1948, no country named israel existed. In 1947, when the United Nations announced the creation of Jerusalem as a separate international city for the Jews, the Arab people did not accept this. Till then it was known as palestine and it was under british occupation. Even the british could not resolve the dispute between Jews and Palestinians, so they left palestine in the same condition in 1948. After this, Jewish leaders together announced a new country by the name of israel and a fierce war broke out between the two communities.

Arab countries like jordan and egypt supported the Palestinian people in this war. After the war, jordan established its control over the West bank and east Jerusalem. In 1950, jordan officially annexed these areas. But almost 20 years later, in 1967, jordan and israel again came face to face in the Six-Day War. jordan had to face defeat in this war. He also lost his control over the West bank and Jerusalem.

Eventually, jordan signed a peace agreement with israel in 1994. jordan was the second Arab country after egypt to do so. Under this peace agreement, israel and jordan opened their borders. At present there is a border of 309 kilometers between israel and Jordan. In this heavily militarized area, the Israeli army keeps only three battalions deployed on this border.

In addition, jordan considers itself the custodian of the Al-Aqsa mosque located in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. This mosque is a very important religious place for Muslims, Christians and Jews. However, relations between Amman and Jerusalem have often been tense in recent years. Tension had increased even more after Israel's war with Hamas. However, it is claimed that jordan often works with the Israeli administration behind the scenes.

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