• CBN has to win the election
• If defeated, his political existence is at stake
tdp is done and dusted if lost

Today is Chandrababu's birthday. He may have celebrated many birthdays till now. But this is a very special birthday. His birthday is celebrated in very difficult circumstances. This year can be said to be the most crucial year for Chandrababu in his political career. elections to be held in next month will clarify the political fate of Chandrababu. The fate of nara lokesh and the fate of the entire telugu desam party is also linked with this election.

For Chandrababu, this is a do-or-die election. He must win in these elections. Getting into Power is nothing new to Chandrababu and TDP. Political challenges are also not new to Chandrababu and TDP. But the challenge he is facing now is more serious than he has ever faced in the past. If he loses this election, there is a possibility that Chandrababu's political existence will be in danger.

Jagan, who defeated Chandrababu in the last assembly election, gave warning bells. His party was chased and hunted down ruthlessly by YSRCP. Politically, he played with Chandrababu's mindset. Jagan's mind games won the upper hand against Chandrababu's political strategies. jagan made Chandrababu go around the courts who claimed that there is not a single case against him. jagan choked CBN by throwing various legal issues.

In these circumstances, if Chandrababu cannot block jagan in this election, it will be difficult for Chandrababu to succeed politically. If jagan comes to power again, tdp will be torn apart for sure. This might even be the last election for CBN. If he loses now. TDP's dream of lokesh as the future cm will remain a dream. At the end of his political life, Chandrababu had to experience severe mental anguish due to cases, jails, and courts. That is why this election is a matter of life and death for Chandrababu.

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