Statement on killing terrorists and America's reaction…

During the lok sabha election campaign, PM Modi said during a public meeting in uttarakhand that in the last ten years, terrorists were killed by entering his house. A statement has come from America on this. If seen, America has not given any reaction on this, rather reaction has been taken from America on this issue. Within America, the journalists of Pakistani origin i.e. show call reporters or the Jamaat-e-Islami Muslim Brotherhood, who have fundamentalist organizations within them, who have been emboldened in America, go to the white house and keep asking questions. One of them had asked this question. On this, the spokesperson person of America gave his answer.

The spokesperson was asked the question that india is entering into many places and killing people. However, pakistan has also not yet revealed that its people are being killed. However, suspicion can be cast on anyone. There is a large section of people inside pakistan and outside india too who believe that there is some intelligence agency or someone who is allegedly working secretly to kill terrorists sitting abroad. However, india or anyone else does not have any proof of this. When a Pakistani journalist asked a question to the US State Department spokesperson, he said that there are many issues between india and pakistan, which should be resolved by sitting together and talking.

Questions were also asked about Pannu

In the second question, it was asked that Pannu is a Khalistan terrorist, will America take any sanctions or any action against India? On this, America gave a blunt statement saying that if any action or any restriction will be imposed, it will not be done by announcing it in public first. With that, the journalist was silenced. But if we look at it, no matter how much we try to silence pakistan, it is not one to remain silent.

He will be seen asking such questions again in the next four to five days. As far as Pannu's matter is concerned, india should also take a clear position on it. Now we have seen on social media that there was a girl of indian origin. Who said many things, from killing the people representing them to many other things. He was immediately arrested and now a case is being filed against him. If seen on that basis then why action is not being taken against Pannu? Now it becomes natural for this question to arise.

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