On april 18, the fourth phase of nominations in andhra pradesh began with a significant flurry of activity. Notably, a large number of nominations were made on the very first day, which is usually the last day for nominations. This unexpected early rush was largely due to the strategic moves made by the alliance leaders. Among the nominees are several well-known celebrities, adding to the intrigue surrounding the event.

The unexpected rush of nominations on the first day can be attributed to a series of recent developments. The nomination process commenced with an unusual event: a telugu desam party (TDP) candidate lost his position. Following this loss, tdp leader chandrababu naidu promptly announced former minister Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy as the replacement for nri Paila Prasada Rao, who was originally announced as the candidate for the Madugula assembly seat in the Anakapalli district. 

This swift change dashed Paila's hopes and prompted observers to anticipate further alterations in other seats. Sensing the potential for more changes, many candidates decided to make their nominations early, citing various reasons. One such candidate, Ganta Srinivasa Rao, who had vigorously vied for the Bhimili ticket, strategically filed his nomination on the first day. 

Similarly, Magenta Srinivasula reddy was named the tdp candidate for the Ongole lok sabha seat, Bastipadu Nagaraju for the kurnool MP candidacy, and former minister Sujana Chaudhary for the BJP's vijayawada West seat. It is widely believed that all of these candidates made their nominations early to enhance their prospects for leadership positions.

Moreover, Pawan Kalyan, the Jana Sena party leader, provided B forms to 21 candidates, signalling a firm stance and indicating no possibility of changes. This early flurry of activity and strategic manoeuvring have set the stage for a gripping and eventful election phase in Andhra Pradesh.

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