Jagan always protects his own social class... But Chandrababu..?

- Chandrababu is ruthlessly sidelining the kamma people.

- The political future of many key leaders is close..?

- Jagan who saved the Reddys But Babu who left the Kammas..!

Since the birth of the telugu Desam party, the role of the kamma social class has been crucial in the growth of the partyAlthough they claim that tdp belongs to kamma in name only. Looking at the recent developments, it seems that Chandrababu is ruthlessly sidelining the kamma people who have worked hard and made many sacrifices for the party. With Chandrababu's blow in both Godavari districts, many Kammas have come to the point of thinking that if the party comes to power, it will be enough if there are no seats and no political priority. How strange it is..? In YCP, the dominance of Reddy's social class is at one level. Jagan will always protect his own social class.

Jagan is allocating three seats in Anaparthi, kakinada City, and Kothapet to the reddy community. The same thread has been running in the last three elections. Among the kamma leaders who survived the party in West Godavari, the former Ungutur mla did not give a seat to Gani Veeranjaneyu, who is currently the president of the eluru district party. Due to the alliance with the Jana Sena, Ganni Veeranjaneyu in Unguthur-Nidadavolu and another kamma leader ex-MLA Boorugpalli Sesha Rao was deprived of his seat. Former ZP Chairman Mullapudi Bapiraj was also not given priority till the end. Recently, he has improved a bit.

Maganti Babu, who has been contesting from the eluru Parliament seat in the last three elections consecutively, has not been given any assurance. Finally, former chintamaneni prabhakarwho was a firebrand leader in the party, also had to fight hard for his seat till the end. And in east Godavari, people like Gunnam Chandramouli, who spend a lot of money for the party, are not preferred. Boddu Venkataramana Chaudhary, who hoped to get a Rajanagaram seat if he wanted a rajahmundry MP seat, was ultimately denied any seat. Ex-minister devineni uma in krishna district and former minister Alapati Rajaku in guntur district were deprived of seats. It must be said that many leaders have been affected by Chandrababu's latest politics. At the same time, jagan allotted 51 seats to his reddy community. In addition to this, there are discussions in tdp circles that Chandrababu is sacrificing his own social class by allocating five more lok sabha seats and five rajya sabha seats.

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