Huge Bets are happening on nri Pemmasani Chandrasekhar..!?

- Huge bets saying Pemmasani's win is one-sided.

- Equal bets on minister Rajni - Madhavi.

- Betting is a hot topic in Guntur.

Who will win the election in AP? Betting is done in a range. It should also be said that even compared to the elections in karnataka and Telangana, the stage is set for crores of rupees to change hands based on victory and defeat in AP. Various bets are going on. Starting with who will be the CM, to who will win in the constituencies, various bets are running. In this order, nri Pemmasani Chandrasekhar, who is contesting on behalf of tdp from the guntur Parliament seat in the guntur district, where the amaravati region is spread, is betting on victory on a huge scale. A betting worth crores of rupees is taking place every day near the Koritepadu Walkers Track in guntur city.

If you win Pemmasani, give us 1 lakh rupees. If you lose Pemmasani, we will give you 5 lakh rupees. They are betting on Pemmasani's victory by throwing a challenge that they can get it no matter what. According to the estimates so far, the political circles are calculating the guntur parliamentary seat as one of the seats where the telugu desam party will win very easily. Besides the capital amaravati region, Mangalagiri, where lokesh is contesting, Tenali, where Jana Sena key leader Nadendla Manohar is contesting, and ponnur constituencies, where tdp senior leader Dhulipalla narendra is contesting, are within the jurisdiction of the guntur Parliament.

This time, the effect of the change of capital and the opposition to the government. In addition to this, Pemmasani is financially strong. He is spending a lot of money. He has a clean image and is rushing to the public with a good character. In addition to this, Kilaru Roshaiah, who is contesting from YCP, failed miserably as the mla of Ponnur. Even if jagan nominated Rosaiah based on the cast equation alone, it is being propagated that Rosaiah is not in a position to contest Pemmas. That's why tdp bettors are ready to place bets at the rate of one lakh to five lakhs on Pemmasani's victory. It has become a local hot topic that there are huge bets on the victory of Madhavi.

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