In the world of politics, it's often said that there are no permanent enemies or permanent friends. The bond between Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) and Etela Rajender is a perfect example of such friendship. kcr founded the telangana rashtra samithi (TRS) party in 2001, advocating for a separate state, and Etela Rajender was one of the founding members. Both became instrumental figures in the party's fight for the state of Telangana.

Following KCR's instructions, Etela began his political journey. In the 2004 elections, he was elected as an mla for the first time, defeating tdp candidate Muddasani Damodar reddy from the Kamalapur constituency. He won the 2008 by-election as an mla for the second time. Etela, who served as the trs LP leader during the YS regime, impressed everyone with his eloquence. Following the 2009 redistricting of constituencies, Kamalapur constituency became Huzurabad.

He won the 2009 elections against congress candidate Vakulabharanam Krishnamohan Rao and the 2010 by-election against Muddasani Damodara reddy, securing victory as an mla for the fourth time. As they kept winning consecutive victories, kcr also focused on spears (a colloquial term used for Etela Rajender) and they gained significant popularity among the people. With the ambition of becoming a great leader, Etela always prioritized KCR's instructions and spearheaded the party.

As kcr gave him the highest priority, Etela continued to follow KCR's instructions. Their friendship advanced significantly. After many struggles, in the 2014 assembly elections, the trs party won most of the assembly seats and formed the government. kcr gave Spears a prominent role in his cabinet. After the formation of the separate state, Etela served as the first Finance minister of telangana state.

In 2019, the trs party won again. However, a real problem arose when kcr marginalized Etela due to a minor conflict between them. Consequently, Etela began criticizing the government's schemes and indirectly targeted KCR. The situation escalated, leading to a rift within the party.

Etela resigned from the trs party after disputes with kcr and also resigned from the post of MLA which he had won under that party's banner. He contested from the bjp in the Hujarabad assembly constituency and won. In last year's assembly elections, Etela Rajender contested as a bjp candidate from huzurabad but lost to his nearest Bharatiya Rashtriya Samithi (BRS) candidate Padi kaushik Reddy by a margin of 16,873 votes.

So, kcr and Etela, who had been very friendly from the birth of the trs party to its victory, became estranged due to petty rivalries. Even now, they maintain a somewhat sober demeanour, refraining from directly insulting each other in the assembly. Nevertheless, their friendship marked a significant chapter in the political history of Telangana.

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