Leave bjp, why did congress do this in elections this time?

Amidst the slogans of population participation, the ticket given to Muslims in the lok sabha elections has exposed the tactics, character, and face of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, and secular parties. For the first time in the last 20 years, Muslims have been given the least number of tickets by the big parties and their alliances in the lok sabha elections. This time bharatiya janata party has given tickets to only 2 Muslims. One of these tickets has been given by the party in Kerala, where it does not have a strong support base. congress has also proved to be a failure in giving tickets to Muslims. The party has not fielded even a single Muslim candidate in 10 big states including jharkhand and Gujarat. congress has given a maximum number of tickets to Muslims in West Bengal, but here also it is not easy for Muslim candidates to win due to the triangular contest. That is, to complete the quorum, the party has fielded Muslims on weak seats.

More tickets necessary for political participation

According to Pew Research, the population of Muslims in india in 2020 is about 15 percent. If the share is seen according to the population, there should be around 82 Muslim MPs in the Lok Sabha. At present, 131 seats are reserved for 25 percent of Dalits and tribals. This reservation has been made given political justice. Political justice is mentioned in the original preamble of the Constitution. If we look at the data of the last 4 elections, it is only around 30. In 2004, 34 Muslim MPs won. In 2009 this figure was 30. In 2014, 22 Muslims, and in 2019, 27 Muslims reached parliament after winning. However, this time there has been a game in ticket distribution itself. For the first time, the congress and bjp have given the least number of tickets to Muslims.

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