When sterilization was made the first condition for joining Congress?

The increasing population of india has always been a matter of concern. Since 1951, a special method, sterilization, is being adopted to stop the increasing population in the country. But forced sterilization became a major political issue during the Emergency in the 1970s. During the Emergency in 1975, lakhs of men were forcibly sterilized. It is said that Sanjay Gandhi, the younger son of the then prime minister Indira Gandhi, took this campaign forward in an 'aggressive' manner. The poor population was the biggest target in this.

This was a time when the police used to surround the entire village and forcibly sterilize the men. According to the report, about 62 lakh people were sterilized within a year. During this period, 2 thousand innocent people also died due to wrong operation.

If you don't know then first know what sterilization is..?

Sterilization is a permanent contraceptive method, in which the reproductive capacity of a man or woman is destroyed. This means that after sterilization the person may never be able to conceive or have a child. In vasectomy, the spermatic duct is closed by cutting or tying it. This tube works to carry sperm from the testicles out of the body. In female sterilization, the fallopian tube is closed by cutting or tying it. This tube works to carry the egg from the ovary to the uterus. However, female sterilization has no effect on women's menstruation or hormones.


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