Adopted new methods of sterilization to join Congress…

For sterilization, pressure was not only applied forcefully but also through many hidden means. government orders came that there would be no promotion or salary increase for employees who did not undergo sterilization. In some cases, without sterilization, even salary was stopped. It has also been made mandatory to show a sterilization certificate for renewing driving licenses, rickshaw licenses, tax licenses, etc. students whose parents had not undergone sterilization started being stopped from schools and colleges. Free treatment from hospitals without a sterilization certificate was stopped.

The biggest victims of this atrocity were people from the poor section of society. The police used to pick up such people from the railway station or bus stop, irrespective of their age or whether they were unmarried. Poor, less educated people, jail inmates, street dwellers, unmarried youth, newly married men, and hospital patients all started becoming victims of sterilization.

Even Sanjay gandhi put a condition of sterilization for youth below 37 years of age to join Congress. According to a report of march 29, 1976, at the youth congress rally in Lucknow, Sanjay gandhi said that the doors of congress are open for the youth. There is just one condition for them. He has to sterilize at least two people every month.

Ultimately, when the Emergency ended after 21 months in 1977, the sterilization campaign also slowed down. But both these decisions of the government were heavily criticized. congress also had to pay a heavy price in the next lok sabha elections. The congress party, which was in power in the country for 26 consecutive years, lost the elections for the first time and the Janata party formed the government. morarji desai became Prime Minister. Sanjay gandhi died untimely in a plane crash in 1980.

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