Big blow to congress, son of former minister will join BJP…

Congress may face another big blow in Maharashtra. A big problem has arisen for the congress party in Dharashiv. According to ABP Majha, sunil Chavan, son of former minister Madhukarrao Chavan, will join bjp today. 2 days ago, Madhukarrao Chavan met devendra fadnavis in the presence of Basavaraj Patil Hotra. Madhukarrao Chavan will remain in the congress party while his son sunil will join BJP. Madhukarrao Chavan is a former mla of Tuljapur. Given the lok sabha elections, political developments are happening rapidly in the state. Sources have informed that today Dharashiv will hold the lotus hand of State President Chandrashekhar Bawankule in the campaign rally of lok sabha candidate archana Patil. State deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar will also be present in this program.

Sunil Chavan resigns from the post of Secretary of maharashtra congress Committee

Sunil Chavan, son of former minister Madhukar Chavan, has resigned from the post of Secretary of maharashtra congress Committee. He has written a letter to congress State President Nana Patole and resigned from the post and membership of Congress. Sources have informed us that sunil Chavan will join the bjp from Congress. Information is being received that he will join the bjp today in the presence of bjp State President Chandrashekhar Bawankule. There is talk in the Dharashiv lok sabha constituency that with sunil Chavan's resignation from congress, his entry into the bjp is almost certain.

Will Mahayuti benefit?

Meanwhile, sunil Chavan's entry into the bjp is also predicted to change the political equation in the Dharashiv lok sabha constituency. Because Mahayuti's Dharashiv lok sabha constituency candidate archana Patil will benefit from his joining BJP.

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