Kadiam srihari is one of the prominent figures who once played a significant role in warangal politics. He has earned a good reputation in the joint warangal district. Kadiam srihari has paved the political future for many individuals. Aruri Ramesh is one of the people whose political career was shaped by Kadiam Srihari. 

Both of them worked in the Bharatiya Rashtriya Samithi (BRS) party for a long time and were very close to each other. They used to discuss decisions together. Such close friends have now become foes. In politics, it has been proven that there are no permanent friends, only permanent enmity. Currently, they are standing against each other in the warangal Parliament constituency, and it remains uncertain who will emerge victorious. However, these two leaders fighting against each other in the same arena has become a hot topic in warangal politics. 

Aruri Ramesh Vs Kadyam Srihari (Kavya):

Once, these two leaders were disciples of a Guru. Their relationship has spanned almost 20 years. But the two have become bitter enemies, especially since this parliamentary election. If grass grows between them, the situation is as bad as it can get. Kadiam Kavya, daughter of Kadiam srihari from the congress party, is standing in the warangal parliamentary constituency. Additionally, former mla Aruri Ramesh is competing from the bjp party.

Political Career:

Kadiam Srihari's political career began with the telugu desam party (TDP) in 1987. He held many positions, and in 1994, he won as an mla from the Station Ghanpur constituency. He also served as a minister in Chandrababu's government. After this, he gained full control of that constituency and contested many times. Aruri Ramesh gained recognition as a businessman and joined the praja rajyam party in 2009. He first contested against Kadiam srihari in the Station Ghanpur Constituency. 

After losing, he joined the BRS party. At the same time, Kadiam was also very close to kcr in BRS. Aruri Ramesh was given a Vardhannapet ticket. Ramesh won twice as mla from Vardhannapet. It seems that Kadiam srihari also contributed a lot to his victory. Hence, there is a 20-year political association between the two. Since the 2023 elections, their rivalry has intensified. In the previous assembly election, Kadiam won from Ghanpur, while Aruri Ramesh contested from Vardhannapet and lost. Kadiam srihari is being blamed for his defeat. 

However, there is talk that Kadiam srihari has made many strategies to defeat Aruri if BRS comes to power, and it will be a hat trick if he becomes a minister again. At such a moment, the feud between Aruri and Kadiam increased. Currently, both of them are standing in the warangal ring.

Who Wins:

Kadiam srihari is well known to Aruri in the joint warangal district. However, after Kadiam srihari won from BRS, the congress party finalized the warangal MP ticket for his daughter Kavya. In response, Ramesh left BRS, joined the bjp, and received a parliamentary ticket. As a result, longtime friends have now become arch-enemies. They are criticizing each other and creating a political battleground. 

While Kadiam srihari accuses Aruri Ramesh of backstabbing him after receiving a political position, Aruri Ramesh accuses Kadiam Kavya of not being a local because she married a Muslim man from Guntur. The words explode between the two. Out of the two, people will first decide whom to support.

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