What officer is this? annamalai tussles with officials for voters

Shockingly, the names of many voters in the parliamentary elections have been removed despite having the right to vote and identity cards. annamalai in Sulur said that the reason for this is that the government has not appointed proper block-level officers. people who have been removed from the voter list have complained that bjp candidate for coimbatore Parliamentary Constituency annamalai is claiming that he does not have the right to vote, even though he has an identity card.

After this he asked the officials there to look into this immediately. And how is the name deleted when the voter ID card is there? How did a family of five go from voting for four to only one? The right to vote is a democratic duty of an indian citizen. Shockingly, so many public votes have been deleted by some careless officials when it comes to its implementation. This is entirely the fault of the voters. annamalai told the officials that they have come to every house and without properly preparing the voter list, someone is sitting in the house and removing all the voters he says is making a mockery of democracy. He also reassured the missing voter by assuring him that he would give importance to these issues once he won. He also called the in-charge there and told him to look into why he was missing. Earlier, after voting in Karur, he came to Sulur via Palladam, visited the polling station and left for Coimbatore. 11

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