Ayodhya ram Temple: Modi praises Ansari family!

Prime minister Modi has praised the Ansari family, which fought a legal battle against the ayodhya ram temple, for attending the inauguration of the temple. A ram temple has been built in ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh based on the supreme court ruling. The Kumbabhishek ceremony of this temple was held last January. A five-year-old statue of Lord Rama carved in black stone was inaugurated in the ceremony presided over by prime minister Modi.

Invitations were sent on behalf of ram Janma Bhoomi Theertha Shetra Trust to various parties to participate in ayodhya ram temple Kumbabhishekam. A large number of people attended the opening ceremony of the temple. However, the opposition parties including congress and Samajwadi did not attend the function, accusing the bjp of politicizing the opening ceremony of the ram temple. The construction of the ram temple in ayodhya has given the party a big boost as it is one of the key election promises of the BJP. The bjp has taken it as an election campaign for the lok sabha elections in 2024. prime minister Modi has been criticizing the opposition parties for boycotting the inauguration of the ram temple at his campaign sites.

In that regard, prime minister Modi, while speaking at a campaign meeting, criticized the opposition parties for boycotting the opening ceremony of the ram temple and praised the participation of the Ansari family, who had waged a legal battle against the ram temple in Ayodhya. He said, "The Ansari family living in Ayod has been fighting against the ram temple for two generations. But when the court ruled in favor of the ram temple, these people accepted it. When the ram mandir Tirtha Kshetra Foundation sent an invitation to everyone, the Ansari family was also invited. Apart from congress and Samajwadi party leaders, many others including the Ansari family attended the inauguration.” said.

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