Welcomed the voters by providing buttermilk and panir; Innovative Green Polling Station at Puduvai

Considering the effect of heat in puducherry, a green polling station was set up as Green Basal, and the voters were treated with pulp, buttermilk, and water. Polling for puducherry Lok Sabha constituency is going on today. For this, 967 polling booths have been created in Puducherry. Among these are specially designed green polling stations. The Green Polling Station has been set up at Vausi government Higher Secondary school, Mission Road.

What officer is this? annamalai tussles with officials for voters

The entrance gate of the school is roofed with coconut leaves. Welcome umbrellas are set up with bamboo trees. The election Department welcomes the voters by erecting torans made of banana trees, torans made of rye, maize, palm leaves, and coconut leaves.

Also on display are natural toys made of paper and brass items used in ancient times.

The voters who come to vote enjoy seeing this and they are given rye and kelvaraku pulp. VUC school under puducherry raj bhavan Constituency is the oldest school built in 1886 hence this green polling station was created here. Also, the raj bhavan Constituency has more educated people, but the number of people who vote here is low every year. It is noteworthy that this green polling station has been created to welcome them

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