Ashok Gehlot's meeting fixed in Mewar-Wagad, doubt remains…

Voting will also be held on 4 lok sabha seats on april 26 during the second phase in Mewar-Wagad region of Rajasthan. Union home minister amit shah will have a roadshow today. Whereas PM narendra modi will hold a meeting in Banswara on 21st April. But if we talk about the congress party, till now only the visit of former cm ashok gehlot has been fixed and he too is going to come on 20th april i.e. tomorrow. This has given rise to many types of discussions. Two-three days ago, the congress party informed that rahul gandhi and priyanka gandhi would visit udaipur on the 21st and 22nd of April. Meetings will be organized here. But now only ashok gehlot has been decided. When I talked to udaipur congress district President Fateh Singh, he also said the same. He says that ashok gehlot will come to udaipur on 20th. Apart from this, there is no information yet as to who will come from the central leadership.

 Programs will be decided after Gehlot's visit

It can be decided after ashok Gehlot's visit. Other party officials say that there is less time left. In such a situation, publicity is being carried out now. There is no preparation for a big meeting. ashok gehlot will hold a meeting in Vallabhnagar in support of Chittorgarh lok sabha candidate Udaylal Anjana and will hold a meeting in udaipur in support of udaipur lok sabha candidate Tarachand Meena. There will be two meetings in a day.

The equation is complicated on the Banswara seat

Here, discussions are being held that the circumstances are unusual for congress in Vagad i.e. Banswara lok sabha seat because here congress candidates are in the fray but the congress party is supporting Bharat Adivasi Party. The congress leader is appealing for votes against the candidate of the party symbol, that is, she is asking the tribal people of india to vote for her. In such a situation, even if the central leadership comes here, this situation will arise for it. Whereas in Mewar, based on the decision of assembly elections, the bjp is looking strong in the three lok sabha seats of Chittorgarh, udaipur, and Rajsamand. No controversy came to light in the party. In such a situation, a meeting of the congress central leadership is necessary.

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